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Kashan tourism gains momentum

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The number of foreign tourists visiting Kashan, in Isfahan Province, increased fourfold over the past two years compared to the figure for the same period before it, said the city's mayor.

Speaking in a conference themed 'Kashan Land of Opportunities', Mohammad Kazem Razavi, said given the current political and economic condition of the country, the government attaches special importance to attracting overseas investors especially from European and Western countries.

He said Kashan Municipality does its best to expand cooperation with private investors and businessmen.

Nazem Razavi said Kashan plays a significant role in promoting tourism in Isfahan Province, adding preparing conditions for drawing foreign investors and tourists to the city is a necessity.

Pointing to the historical, cultural, natural and religious heritages and specific climatic conditions of Kashan, he said the significant presence of foreign tourists would help city's progress.

He said while the hotels in Kashan cater for travelers, the number of lodgings has gone up significantly in the past two years.

Also, Head of Kashan's Islamic City Council Hossein Heidarian said that members of the council intend to approve plans to provide security for foreign investors.

He said 900 industrial units operate in Kashan particularly in the field of textiles, rosewater and herbal distillates production generating 43,000 job opportunities.

The official said 1,700 historical sites have so far been identified in Kashan, of which 313 have been registered on the National Heritage List.

"The cities of Qamsar, Niasar, Barzak, Natanz, Aran-Bidgol, Badroud and Noushabad, located in the environs of Kashan, have helped boost tourism in the area," he concluded.

The name Kashan comes from Kasian — the original inhabitants of the city, whose remains are found at Teppe Sialk (Sialk Mound) which dates back to 9,000 years. Between the 12th and the 14th centuries CE, Kashan was an important center for the production of high-quality potteries and tiles.

Also, the word for a tile (kashi) is derived from the name of the town. Tourists love this city because of its history and great buildings.

Archeological discoveries in Sialk hillocks, which lie four kilometers west of Kashan, reveal that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization in prehistoric ages. Kashan dates back to Elamite era.




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