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  • Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

    Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

    Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, also known as the Qasemi Bathhouse, is a traditional Iranian public bathhouse in Kashan, Iran. Read More
  • Amin-ol-dole Timche

    Amin-ol-dole Timche

    Amin-ol-dole Timche is located in a part of Bazaar of Kashan which is called Myanchal. The timche belongs to Qajar era and was built by architect Ali Mryam, ordered by Farrokh khan Ghaffari who was known as Amin-ol-dole. Read More
  • Fort Jalali

    Fort Jalali

    At the upper end of Alavi street on both sides, two thatched walls can be seen which are the remains of the famous fence fort in the Seljuk era. Read More
  • Agha Bozorg Mosque

    Agha Bozorg Mosque

    Agha Bozorg Mosque is a historical mosque in Kashan, Iran. The mosque was built in the late 18th century by master-mimar Ustad Haj Sa'ban-ali. The mosque and theological school (madrasah) is located in the center of the city.  Read More
  • Sialk Hill

    Sialk Hill

     Tepe Sialk (Sialk Hill) is a large ancient archeological site in a suburb of the city of Kashan, Isfahan Province, in central Iran, close to Fin Garden. The Sialk ziggurat was built around the 3000 BC. A joint study between Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization, the Louvre, and the Institut Francais de Recherche en Iran also verifies the oldest settlements in Sialk to date back to 5500–6000 BC. Sialk and the entire area around it, is thought to have originated as a result of the pristine large water sources nearby that still run today. The Cheshmeh ye Soleiman ("Solomon's Spring") has been bringing water to this area from nearby mountains for thousands of years.   Read More
  • Fin Garden

    Fin Garden

     Fin Garden, or Bagh-e Fin, located in Kashan, Iran, is a historical Persian garden. It contains Kashan's Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Nasereddin Shah in 1852. Read More
  • Jameh mosque

    Jameh mosque

    The Jameh mosque of Kashan is the oldest historical structure in Kashan, Iran. Its only brick minaret is located in its southeastern corner. On the bottom part of the minaret, there is a kufic inscription made by embossed brick. On the inscription, it is mentioned the construction date of the minaret, which is 1074 AD. The minaret is the third oldest minaret in Iran, which has an inscription.  The plan of the mosque is simple. There is a howz in the courtyard in front of the iwan, which leads to the inner space of the dome and also two shabestans at grade of the courtyard and a winter shabestan below the surface of the courtyard. Read More
  • Bazaar of Kashan historic complex

    Bazaar of Kashan historic complex

    Bazaar of Kashan historic complex is an old bazaar in the center of the city of Kashan, Iran. It is thought to have been built in the Seljuk era with renovations during the Safavid period. The bazaar has a famous architecture, especially at its Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section, where a grand light well was built in the 19th century. The bazaar is still in use and is a few miles in total length. In the bazaar's complex beside the main bazaars, there are several mosques, tombs, caravanserais, arcades, baths, and water reservoirs that each were constructed in a different period. Read More
  • Tabatabaei House

    Tabatabaei House

    The Tabatabaei House  is a historic house in Kashan, Iran. It was built in the early 1880s for the affluent Tabatabaei family. It consists of four courtyards, wall paintings with elegant stained glass windows, and includes other classic features of traditional Persian residential architecture, such as biruni and andaruni. It was designed by Ustad Ali Maryam, architect of the Borujerdis House and the Timcheh Amin od-Dowleh. The house is almost 5,000 square meters and has been very well renovated. The interior yards have beautiful gardens.   Read More
  • Boroujerdi House

    Boroujerdi House

    The Boroujerdi House (Borujerdi-ha House) is a famous landmark and a sample of Persian traditional residential architecture. It was built in 1857 by architect Ustad Ali Maryam, for the bride of Haji Mehdi Borujerdi, a wealthy merchant. The bride came from the affluent Tabatabaei family, for whom Ustad Ali had built the Tabatabaei House some years earlier.  Read More
  • khorshid ardahal Tourist complex

    khorshid ardahal Tourist complex Read More
  • Traditional Residency of Khooneye Noghli and Rezvanian

    Traditional Residency of Khooneye Noghli and Rezvanian Khooneye Noghli and Rezvanian is a traditional Tourism & Residential house, located in historic district of Kashan and not far from the historical places and Bazar of Kashan. Having 14 rooms and cellars, this place accommodates 60 people at a time. This cozy and quiet house in an old alley will take you to the good old days. A place for you to relax and concentrate. Read More
  • ehsan house

    ehsan house Read More
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